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Workforce Development Partners:
Develop sector and career pathway strategies utilizing apprenticeships
Recruit and screen candidates to be apprentices
Provide pre-apprenticeship and basic skills preparation Provide supportive services (such as tools, uniforms, equipment,or books)
Contribute funding for on-the-job training or related instruction

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration Office of Apprenticeship

CareerSource Florida
Incumbent Worker Training Grant

  • Companies can be reimbursed for employee training that’s focused on industry or business-specific skills.

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program

  • Employers can earn a federal tax credit between $1200 and $9600 per employee.


Related Training Instruction (RTI)is one component of the apprenticeship process RTI refers to the classroom and/or lab learning experiences of apprentices. Hours spent in the classroom are designed to complement the On-the-Job Training (OJT) component of apprenticeships and enhance the learning experience. An apprentice can train at a training center, college, etc. Courses can be in person, online or hybrid. FBHA/FADAA has an extensive training library that may be utilized with the apprenticeship. It is available at and

An essential part of successful employment is the soft skills component. The Florida Ready to Work program ( has a free soft skills training program which can be utilized by employers as part of their apprenticeship program or as a pre-or post-employment tool.