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HealthQuest Apprenticeship Program Graduates

Graduate Testimonials

Brianna Barbour
Outpatient Program Director
Specialized Treatment, Education, and Prevention Services, Inc. (STEPS)

“My first-hand experience with the negative consequences associated with substance misuse led me to become a certified addiction counselor. I chose a counseling career to not only help others struggling with addiction but also to help lead and develop addiction counselors that help our communities and families.

I began my counseling career in 2020 at STEPS and enrolled in the HealthQuest Apprenticeship Program as an addiction counselor apprentice in 2022. The apprenticeship gave me the aligned, precise training, and on-the-job experience I needed to expand my knowledge and ultimately reach my goal. The apprenticeship also walked me through the heavy licensure process required by the state.”

Miranda Flatt
PATH Supervisor
RiteLife Services Inc.

“I began my journey into working in the behavioral health field after overcoming my own obstacles in life with mental health and substance use. After working in treatment settings and being exposed to Peer Support I fell in love with the idea that individuals can be experts on themselves and have choices in their care tailored to their own needs. I began working with RiteLife in August of 2022 as a case manager and found that meeting an individual where they are at bridged a major gap in services for them.

As a result of my training and work experience, I am now able to help individuals in times of crisis, with recovery planning, and advocating for their needs. Watching a person struggling with their mental health, become healthy, and using my own lived experience has given me a purpose and an amazing career to pursue. FBHA’s HealthQuest Apprenticeship Program helped me to understand the principles of being a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and I had a wonderful time learning the invaluable knowledge given to me during this journey.”

Daniel Anderton
Day Treatment Counselor and IOP Counselor
Specialized Treatment, Education, and Prevention Services, Inc. (STEPS)

“My reason for becoming a substance abuse counselor was so that I could help people and be a positive role model for the community. When I was young, I faced many demons and battled addiction. In my mid-twenties, I was able to get clean and sober and graduate from UCF with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Upon graduating, I was able to secure a job at STEPS where I became an outpatient substance abuse counselor. Helping people and teaching them how to stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and find a new way to live is what I love to do.

At STEPS I have been an outpatient counselor, a residential inpatient counselor, a day treatment counselor, and an intensive outpatient counselor. During my first year of STEPS, I enrolled in the apprenticeship program. I was very thrilled when I graduated from the apprenticeship program and became a qualified addictions counselor. I hope to continue onward and get my CAP and my MSW in the near future. STEPS, FBHA’S HealthQuest Apprenticeship Program, my friends, and my family have been very supportive of me. I truly have come a long way!”