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Why use apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships provide the opportunity to custom train a ready workforce to better meet the needs of a company and the industry to prepare for future needs and growth. Apprenticeships produce great benefits:


Recruit and develop a highly skilled
workforce that helps you grow your business


Improve productivity, profitability and
and your bottom line


Minimize cost with
reduced turnover
and liability


Create flexible training options that
ensure workers develop the right skills


94% of apprentices continue employment
after completing an apprenticeship


Foster a diverse
and inclusive culture

Cheryl Bello
Specialized Treatment, Education and Prevention Services, Inc. (STEPS)
Chief Executive Officer

STEPS made the decision to partner with FADAA and the HealthQuest Apprenticeship Program to offer a cost-efficient and effective opportunity for our employees to benefit from a varied learning environment that promotes hands-on learning, on-the-job training, and direct supervision. As an employer, the apprenticeship program has allowed STEPS to take advantage of the apprentices’ skills while apprentices receive on-the-job training, and gain knowledge and expertise for their role within the agency. The apprentice duties performed along with the knowledge, skills, and abilities achieved are resulting in highly skilled employees who feel more satisfied in their role knowing that the agency supported by FADAA is invested in helping them grow and develop a long-term professional relationship.

GCC Westcare FL Logo Small
Maureen Dunleavy
Guidance/Care Center, Inc.
Regional Sr. Vice President

The Guidance/Care Center (GCC) was thrilled to take part in the HealthQuest Apprenticeship Program in partnership with the Florida Behavioral Health Association. We have found this has been an excellent recruitment and retention strategy to offer employees the opportunity to learn valuable skills and certification while on the job. Apprentices earn required certifications within a year, become highly skilled in their role, and achieve increased earning potential after graduating from this program. Behavioral Health Technicians, Peer Specialists, and Addiction Counselors play pivotal roles at GCC and in the community of the Florida Keys. Staff who graduate from the program know they have been supported in their professional growth and feel more satisfied in their job. It has been such a valuable resource for GCC, we recommend it to any employer.

Who is eligible to become an apprenticeship employer?

To be eligible to participate in this program:
• A legal entity/employer with a valid FEIN
• Be willing and able to provide on-the-job training and supervision